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Short-Term Rental Insurance – VRBO

Short-term rental insurance

Do you have the correct type of policy for your short-term rental property?

Short-term rental coverage and VRBO’s (vacation rental by owner) must be written on a specific insurance contract in order to provide the proper coverage. What we see quite often is that a client will have a landlord policy issued by an insurance company and think that the landlord policy includes coverage if the house is used as a short-term rental or VRBO.

In actuality, there are exclusions on almost all traditional insurance contracts if the property is used as a short-term rental or Vacation Rental By Owner.

In certain areas of Montana like Bozeman and Big Sky, the use of short-term rentals, Airbnb and VRBO is on the rise. Making sure that the proper insurance policy is purchased can literally mean the difference between having coverage if a disaster happens or having the claim denied.

Townhouse and condominiums are often used as short-term rentals throughout Montana. Our agents will review the by-laws of the association to make sure the coverage offered coincides with the “master policy.” The master policy will indicate if the unit owner needs to cover the interior of the unit, or strictly the personal property within the unit.

Even if the association has a “studs in” policy covering all aspects of the townhouse or condo building, a personal policy is needed to cover personal property and liability. Short-term rental policies have the proper language to cover the unit owner in case there is a lawsuit filed by the renter.

Need more help?

For more information or help with purchasing the proper short-term rental insurance coverage, please contact one of our local agents to help.